On top of sand dune in Morocco

Sugar On My Tongue is my place for sharing musings, discoveries and random food moments.  As you’ll discover, I like to eat, cook, dish about food, and take photos of it too. Once upon a long time ago I went to cooking school. Some people call me a picky eater; I say I have a discriminating palate. Others claim I have alpha cook tendencies in the kitchen; I would have to agree with them.

These days, I’m learning what it’s like to be a foodie on a tight budget, eating in more than out, and cooking up all sorts of “pantry specials” (open cabinet; take inventory of dry goods and spices; dream up 39th way to make something edible out of cannellini, plum tomatoes, smoky paprika and pasta; repeat).

A few of my favorite things, in no particular order: grits slathered in butter, Benton’s bacon, Momofuku’s roasted rice cakes, Dan Barber, the scent of garlicky tomato sauce bubbling on the stove, MFK’s writing, and salt.

Cathy Berg  (email me)



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